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CONTEND! Fight For Your Destiny


There's a word in my spirit I want to share it with you. This month I have been in an intense spiritual battle, and in my spirit I keep hearing the word "Contend!". This word has been resounding so loudly within me I couldn't ignore it. To find answers I went to the Word of God and was lead to this verse, Micah 6:1:


Hear ye now what the Lord saith; Arise, contend thou before the mountains

and let the hills hear thy voice.


As I studied the Hebrew meanings of key words in this verse the scripture began to speak to me. The word "arise" in this particular verse means to decree, confirm, remain, stand up. The word "contend" in Hebrew means to defend. To bring things into clearer focus I keyed in on the words "mountains". To my amazement the Hebrew meaning of this word was "promotion". There was no particular meaning for the word "hills" but I knew within the context of the other meanings it typified the current place I now occupy spiritually.


As I meditated upon this information the Spirit gave it life, and it became revelatory (there's nothing like getting a revelation). The Spirit began to speak to me and said I was in the midst of a spiritual battle and I needed to contend from my current position for my next level of promotion. The directives for me were to arise and stand up against the enemy and decree and confirm in the Spirit what rightfully belonged to me. In order for me to overcome the enemy I needed to wage war in the heavenlies by declaring and decreeing my right and privilege to enter into my next dimension.

I tell you this revelation put things into prospective, and here's what I mean. From what I sensed in my spirit, and from prophetic words over the past years, I know God is turning things around for His people. All around me I can sense in the Spirit new beginnings, new dimensions, new associations, and new spheres of influence, but in the midst of my expectation I felt resistance and oppression.  I was in a fight for my faith and my next level was hanging in the balance. I imagine this is what Timothy felt like when Paul told him to fight the good fight of faith (I Tim. 6:12).

So with this new founded revelation I began to contend for what was promised to me by exercising my spiritual authority in the name of Jesus. For several days I did this, then I began to hear more words in the Spirit. I heard the words, "disenfranchise" and "disillusionment". As I studied the meanings of these words the Spirit revealed this was what the enemy was using against me in the battle for my next level. Let's examine these two words.

The word "disenfranchise" means to deprive of a right or privilege. The word "disillusion" means to cause (someone) to realize that a belief or an ideal is false. It also means to disappoint, to discourage, frustrate, cast down, miscarry, and abort. After reading the meanings of these words I knew exactly why I had to contend. I now understood the level of warfare I was up against. In the midst of my expectation I had been battling all these things in my spirit and in my emotions.The enemy wanted to deprive me of what was rightly mine. He had come to discourage and frustrate me. He wanted to cast me down and make me miscarry and abort what God was birthing in my life. The strategy of the enemy had come to cause me to miss my appointment with destiny by dis-appointing me.

If you break down the word disappoint it brings greater clarity to what the enemy was trying to do. The word "dis" means to negate, to separate. The word "appoint" means to name for an office or position.  In essence, the enemy had come to negate and separate me from my new position and ultimate promotion. This is why I had to contend!

In closing, I want to encourage you to keep fighting.  I wanted to share my experience to shed light on what you may be going through or may encounter in the future. The battle you're fighting is not a natural one so you don't have to fight your boss, spouse, children, sister, brother, church members or friends. Ephesians 6:12 says:

For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against  the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere.(The Amplified Bible)


Your battles are won in the Spirit, but you must learn to discern the strategies and tactics of the enemy and know what you're up against. You have to be vigilant and alert and war a good warfare (I Tim. 1:18). Ask the Lord to teach your spiritual hands to war and your spiritual fingers to fight (Psa. 144:1). For in doing so you will experience promotion and kingdom dominion. I declare to you today CONTEND!


Your Coaching For Success Minute:

  • During this season in your life what do you feel is worth fighting for?
  • How can you ensure you will win the fight?


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