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Grandma's Devil: Shutting the Door to Generational Curses


Audio Teaching


Learn how Grandma’s Devil could be hindering your success


Do you know you could be struggling in life due to evil forces that entered your family bloodline generations ago?  In this thought-provoking message, I unveils the scheme of the enemy to derail your destiny, and that of your whole family tree. With laser sharp clarity, this teaching will shine light on exactly how generational curses enter your family. Plus give you practical steps to take to shut the door to negative tendencies and proclivities that  block your ultimate success in God. This 2-CD Pack includes Parts 1 & 2.


What you will learn:

  • How Satan strategize to mis-align you from your God-given purpose
  • How generational cycles and curses are formed
  • How your children, grandchildren, and family are effected
  • How to break generational cycles and curses to overcome negative patterns of defeat in your life and family


Price : $19.99

Presenter: Tarsha L. Campbell

Author, Speaker, Minister, and Certified Empowerment Coach


The featured product is made available from our partner Dominionhouse Publishing & Design, LLC




Here’s what people are saying:

“WOW! This teaching really opened my eyes to what’s been plaguing me & my family. Now I know how to pray and shut the door to all our generational curses. Thank you so much for sharing this revelation.”


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