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Before I started coaching with Tarsha, I felt like my life was like that of the rat you see on television in the cage. Like that rat, I felt like I was going around and around in circles, but never getting anywhere. I heard Pastors and Ministers say that if you wanted to get something that you never had before, you had to do something that you've never done before. I had never had a coach. Every area of my life began to change after Tarsha started coaching me. I can truly say, that next to accepting Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, coaching is the second best investment that I could have ever made.

Ernestine McCray



I am pleased to write and let you know that the grace upon your life to usher women into their destiny is tangible.  As we coached, the assignments you prayerfully dispensed helped our ministry tremendously.  I know we haven’t fully realized the impact of these assignments yet, but know they have eternally influenced our ministry.  I’m grateful for your wisdom, encouragement, prayer life, and utter dependence upon God.  GCU will never be the same based on your willingness to dig your heels in and support us in expanding our assessment levels.  Thank you, Coach Tarsha. – Karen M. Pina, www.godscoachu.com



Minister Tarsha,


I am sure you have heard these words before “God Sent”. Minister Tarsha this is how Myrtle Newbold Ministries view you and your business and ministries. Through your coaching service you made  sure that I was prepared for my television interview and to move my ministry forward.  Through your other business (Dominionhouse) you went above the call of duty to ensure that the website was up and running in less than a week.  I am so thankful for your professionalism, wisdom and quality of service.  Your business prepared us to get our message out in a very unique positive way.  You are a blessing to the industry.   Thank God for you having the spirit of excellence.  It showed it every way.   I highly recommend you! Thank you again and may God continue to bless you.


Dr. Myrtle Newbold

Myrtle Newbold Ministries | www.myrtlenewboldministries.com


Excellent! You have deeply imprinted my life and ministry. God has presented me with a wide open door of opportunity through this seminar. Thank you for the knowledge and information given out with such grace and excellence. You are truly an inspiration. Words can't adequately express my gratitude.

Minister Judy Brinkley, First Love Ministries

The Woman in the Mirror series was truly an eye-opener for me!  I have learned that the image I had of myself was  greatly impacted by the words I have heard throughout my life.  Now, I know that I am valuable, beautiful, and that my true identity is found in Christ.  EVERY woman should hear this series, no matter what age, or stage of life they are in.  It is truly powerful, full of healing, truth, and revelation.  I thank God for The Woman in the Mirror series; it has truly changed my life!

Ayana Bernard

I am so very grateful to the Lord for impregnating Minister Tarsha Campbell  with such a rich  revelation concerning our image in the CHRIST.  Her Woman in the Mirror series has truly enlightened my life. Each message has caused me to grow into new levels of maturity in the Lord and come into newfound knowledge through the word of God.  Woman in the Mirror has truly enhanced my life. I know now that I can't allow anything outside of Christ and His written word to mirror the true image of God within me.

Prophetess Michelle Lambert