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Position to Transition - Step into a New Dimension


Another year is here! As we embark upon what's ahead I can sense in the Spirit the release of the Lord for "the new". "The new" is a phrase I coined meaning: The spiritual release of the Lord in which you gain new ground in the Spirit that leads to advancement and growth spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, relationally, and influentially. Doesn't that sound promising and exciting?  But before you can enter into "the new" you have to go through periods of transition.

In her book, Breaking the Chains, from Worship to Warfare, Mattie M. Nottage defined transition as the time between here and there. Although this definition is simple, transition within itself can be a very complex time. For the most part it often feels like you're in a crisis.

Transition brings with it a gamut of emotions often making you feel alienated from the things, places, and people that once comforted and edified you. This place in-between "here and there" can make you question,"Where do I belong?" "Am I going in the right directions?" "Where can I turn?"  "Does anyone understand?"

You might ask, "What makes periods of transition so difficult?" The answer is simple. Spiritually, as you shift from one level or dimension to another, you encounter many opposing forces at work, which causes you to experience what I call "spiritual friction". As the forces from your current level engage with forces from your new level a spiritual resistance bears down upon you. The effects of this warfare are felt on all levels of your existence, spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, etc. And if you're not aware of what's going on it feels like your life is out of control and you're digressing instead of progressing. It's during seasons of transition many lose faith in God's plan for their life and abort their dreams and destiny.

In Luke 8:22, Jesus instructed his disciples to go over to the "other side". The Greek meaning of the phrase "Let us go over" means to pierce through. In essence, Jesus was telling his disciples, "Let's transition by pressing beyond our current position into new territory". At Jesus' word the disciples set sail and in verse 23 it states a storm of wind came upon them and the boat began to take on water from the sea putting everyone in jeopardy.

Let's examine this for a minute. The scripture said a "storm of wind" appeared, notice the storm was without rain. In transition many of us experience "storms of wind without rain". This type of storm can be characterized as a "spiritual stirring" without the normal refreshing and watering by the Spirit that we are accustomed to. It's a strange occurrence because the spiritual stirring doesn't offer comfort but more so agitation. It's similar to a mother eagle stirring up her nest, making it uncomfortable so the eaglets want to get out of the nest (their comfort zone) and fly.

I believe through the passage in Luke 8:22-26, Jesus wanted to communicate to us that during seasons of transition you will be met with opposition and agitation. Not only did the disciples experience the spiritual stirring, but the stirring also caused water from the sea to fill the boat and they started sinking. Much like the disciples, during your seasons of transition, the opposition and agitation you experience can seem to overwhelm you and you feel like you're sinking rather than moving forward. If you can relate to what's being conveyed you may ask, "How can I make it through periods of transition?" What position should I take?" The answer is found in verse 24. And they came to him, and awoke him.

Now in this passage the Greek meaning of the phrase, "They came to him" actually means to come near to worship. The disciples didn't try to wrestle with what opposed them; it was out of their control, instead they positioned themselves to transition by drawing near in worship (in reverential awe) to the one who was in control. They took their eyes off the conditions (the stirring) and woke or stirred up Jesus who was on board with them. Do you see that? He was on board with them. They turned to the one who actually initiated and understood their journey from "here to there" (transition). This is a major key to transitioning effectively. During times of transition you must understand who's in control. With this understanding you must also be fully persuaded that you will continue to stand firm in faith (verse 25), regardless of how things may appear. You have to focus on Christ in you, your hope of glory. For as you position to transition it leads to possession. You are ushered right into "the new" God has prepared for you!

Luke 8:26 - And they arrived at the country.

Your Coaching For Success Minute:

  • How do you normally respond during times of transition?
  • What can you do differently to make the transition easier?
  • Write down what you expect to gain during and after the transition.


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